Member Nations/Countries
Cherokee Nation of Indians-Cherokee Country
     Cherokee Territories Treaty of 1730 & 1791
Hawaiian Kingdom Treaty of 1875
Pueblo Nation of Indians-Pueblo Country
Kichwa Nation & Ayllu kuna
Navajo Nation of Indians Dine'tah Nihook'a'a' Dine'e
     Navajo Country Treaty of 1868
Sauk(Sac) & Fox Nation-Sauk & Fox Countries
League of Nations

Six Nations of Indians -Onkwehonwe Iroquois Territories
     Treaty of 1794
Mohawk Nation- Kanienkehaka Territories Mohawk Country
Onondaga Nation of Indians-Onondaga Country
Tuscarora Nation- Skwahrehna Territory Tuscarora Country
Wallpahpe Tribe of Snake Indians-Snake Country
     Treaty of 1865
Winnebago Nation of Indians-Winnebago Country
Sioux Nation of Indians -Dahcotah Nakota Lakota Territories
Treaties of 1851 & 1868
     Sioux Country