Peace Mission Statement
The Peace Mission of the people, Governments, and Member Nations Countries now comprised as
The Great Turtle Island Federation
is to achieve a long lasting Peace and Security for all, to restore the rightful inheritance
Powers of Authority and jurisdiction to the original Nations and Countries of indigenous peoples.
By unifying our peoples, Nations, Governments, and Countries of the world through Peace and Equal Justice
by the Rule of Law, and as friends and allies we can Achieve our collectively determined mandate through consensus,
but we must also display the human spirit of Love and Compassion, Honor, and Respect for one another.
Peace Agreements, the Peace Process, maintaining Peace, and Resolving issues of conflict, and infringement
is a primary mandate, as well as restoring the "Country" status to our member Nations, and to be able to Travel and
Navigate the world equally with our own Travel Documents issued by the Authority of each respective Nation and Country.
Our total Environmental Health, and Well Being of our people, and the Natural world here on our Mother's Earth
is of great concern to the people of our Nations, but through our continued efforts working together as an IGO
Inter-Governmental Organization, and in establishing and securing global partnerships and by reaffirming our friendship
and alliances world wide, we hope to make this world a better place for all of our future generations to come.
For All Our Relations